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Christine A. Stangroom

Originally a sketcher and painter in oils, I explored various media studying Fine Art at the University of Derby, graduating in 2002. I still love variety in my creativity. After University, along with oil painting, screen printing, photography and mixed media, I resumed etching (which I had first tried as traditional line etching in 1998) and was taught more environmentally friendly techniques by Anna Johnson of Green Door Printmaking Studio in Derby.

Since then much of my work has addressed presence in absence, traces, spirit of place, nostalgia and memories. I have exhibited locally in Quad, Deda, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Banks Mill (where I had a studio for several years) and many other venues. I also enjoy participating in international print exchanges. I now use many different printmaking techniques, the less toxic the better. Sometimes a sketch starts off the process and at other times I just follow my nose…

My most recent work is based on ‘Draumskrok’ (the Danish word for ‘dream nonsense’) informed by my numerous dream journals, which I have been keeping for many years. Some of these dreams are funny and quirky. So any drawings you find here may reflect that!

I am the founder of Oakwood Art Group, which is a non profit club. At present our meetings have had to be suspended, but many of our members are continuing to be creative, keeping in touch via our facebook page.